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Have you been feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions lately? 

Two years ago, I was at my lowest. I hit rock bottom and I was so unhappy.

I was stuck in so much negativity that every day I would tell myself that no matter how hard I try, things will never improve for me and I will never be able to change my life. 

Honestly, I was always thinking that my life will only go from bad to worse, and let me tell you, allowing myself to be stuck in that much negativity was exhausting. 

It was mentally debilitating and emotionally draining. It took so much toll on my mental health and it constantly robbed me of the chance of enjoying the amazing (little) things that were still happening in my life. 

I allowed myself to be controlled by negativity every day that I ended up constantly paralyzed from so much stress and worries. 

We need to remind ourselves that yes, life can be difficult, overwhelming, and painful but regardless of what we are going through, we have the choice to choose positivity and happiness. 

Yes, it’s not always easy but it can be done. 

Scroll down below to see 10 HABITS OF POSITIVE PEOPLE… 

They are grateful – they know how vital it is to practice daily gratitude in maintaining a positive outlook in life. Instead of focusing on what they lack and complaining about the bad things that are happening to them, they choose to focus on the good things that they have and on the small things that are making them happy. 

They know how to let go – they understand that allowing themselves to dwell in negative situations that happened in the past will not do them any good, it will only keep them from moving forward and from moving on. Leave the past in the past.

They know how to take a break and practice self-care – self-care is not selfish. They know that taking a break is not a bad thing. Putting their needs and well-being first is essential in helping them live a happy life. They know how important it is to take some time off and just check-in on how they are feeling. 

They take responsibility for their lives and they take action – they know that if they want something to change, they have to take action. They understand that if they want to improve their lives, they can’t just sit around and wait for it to happen, they have to be responsible and do something. 

They forgive – they know how to forgive others but most importantly they also know how to forgive themselves. They understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean that they are minimizing the pain of the wrongness that was done, it simply means that they are now ready to let go and they are setting themselves free from the pain of the past. 

They are kind – they are kind to others and of course, they are also kind to themselves. They don’t drag people down. They lift them up and help them in any way they can. Also, they don’t bully themselves. They know that talking negatively to themselves will not do them any good and will only cause them pain and unhappiness. 

They live in the present moment – they don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future. They stay present and they enjoy the things that are happening to them now. 

They make their mental health a priority – they don’t take their mental health for granted. They understand how vital our mental health is in living a happy and healthy life. 

They are not afraid of failures and making mistakes – they don’t drag themselves into negative thoughts and feelings for every mistake and failure. They know that failures and making mistakes are avenues for personal growth and self-improvement. Instead of criticizing themselves, they learn from their mistakes and try again. 

They get rid of the negativity – they know that we can’t truly live a happy and positive life if we continue to surround ourselves with so much negativity. For us to reframe our outlook and mindset, we have to let go of the negative things and people that are dragging us down.

When we face difficult seasons, it’s so easy to let ourselves dwell on negative thoughts and feelings and just instantly assume that things will never get better. 

But we must constantly remind ourselves that no matter what we are going through, we can still be happy. 

So let’s start by building these habits one by one to help us reframe our mindset and live a happy and positive life!



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