10 surprising uses of salt you’d wish you’d known sooner

Salt is undoubtedly one of the most used ingredient. It’s pretty much always within reach; in the kitchen to help you prepare great tasting foods or even at the dinner table, where it is often used as a flavor enhancer.

But have you ever really used salt aside from that? Have you ever wondered if there is more to it than just for cooking or as a flavor enhancer? Probably not, right? Yeah that was also my answer however I was surprised to learn that Salt – being one of our greatest allies in the kitchen can also be our everyday best friend.

I have gathered 10 unconventional uses of salt, from beauty to incredible cleaning hacks that will certainly surprise you. Read on to see the list.

Set the color in your new towels

Have you ever bought bright towels and find their colors fade after two or three washes? Salt is the perfect solution to that problem. For the first two washes, simply add a cup of salt to wash and this will help prevent any color running.

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Exfoliate your skin

Salt is a natural exfoliator. It can easily remove dead skin and boost your circulation – promoting healthier skin. So,the next time that you’re taking a bath or even after taking a hot shower, grab a handful of salt and give yourself a gentle rubdown.


Remove coffee stains from mugs

Do love your morning cup of joe but hates the stain it leaves on your mug? Then this will certainly help you out.  The next time you wash it, try sprinkling some salt on a sponge then just rub it in circles across the coffee rings. This tip works great with tea stains too.

Also, another great tip, if the stain still persists, try mixing white vinegar with salt in equal proportions then rub it with the sponge.


Clean your greasy iron pan easily

I know how difficult it is to remove grease from pans. It normally takes me a couple of washes to finally remove all the grease, so this one is definitely a life saver! The next time your washing those greasy pans, try sprinkling some salt in it before washing. Then just wipe it and wash as usual.

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Easily remove watermarks on wooden furniture

Hate those water rings on your table? Easily remove them by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water then gently rub it onto the ring using a sponge or a soft cloth. It should do the trick!


Remove lipstick marks from glassware

Long lasting lipstick smudges can be difficult to remove, even popping them on the dishwasher won’t do the trick.If that happens, try giving your glasses a quick scrub with salt before washing them, this willeasily remove those lipstick stains.


Clean the refrigerator

Not only is this the perfect solution if you don’t like using chemicals in the kitchen but this also easily removes any stubborn food stains and deodorizes your fridge at the same time. So, after removing all the racks and food from your fridge, mix up handful of salt in 1 gallon of warm water then use a sponge to start cleaning the insides of your fridge. And don’t worry, the mixture won’t scratch any surfaces.

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Clean sink drains

All you have to do is mix salt and hot water and pour it down the kitchen sink, this will easily deodorize your sink, plus it keeps the grease from building up.


Attack red wine carpet spills

Red wine spills are probably the worst! So, if this happens to you, just quickly pour water directly over the spill to dilute it a little then cover the remaining stain with table salt, leave this for about 10 minutes. This will help remove any remaining wine.


Help ease your sore throat

Woke up with a sore throat? Give your mouth a salt rinse!

This one is an oldy but goody and you might even probably know this one too, salt is very good at reducing swelling and loosening mucus. It can easily help flush out the bacteria that causes sore throat. So, give it a try!


What’s your favorite on this list? Do you have tips of your own? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to try it

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