5 Toxic habits to quit immediately

For years, I was stuck in autopilot. Constantly wanting more out of life but I never really knew where and how


4 Ways To Let Go of Negative Thoughts to be Happier

It’s so easy to let our negative thoughts, past pains and heartaches control our lives.  Especially when we are going

habits that i gave up to help me overcome depression

5 Habits I Gave Up to Overcome Depression

Going through depression is definitely not an easy fight.  It has been two years since depression started taking over my


5 Ways you’re wasting your life without even realizing it

It took me a long time to finally realize that I was unhappy, miserable and that I was not living


5 Habits of Supremely Happy People

After being diagnosed with debilitating depression, experiencing a series of losses and failures, hitting rock bottom, I came to a

ways to reinvent yourself

5 Ways to Reinvent yourself and Improve your Life

I was stuck in a job that I didn’t love. I was trapped in a toxic and very stressful environment


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