5 Ways to live cheap and easily save money

When I was going through financial turmoil, money was constantly tight.    I was in between jobs, had a lot


5 Habits of women who never go broke

For years, I was constantly living paycheck to paycheck, broke and buried in so much debt. The worst part is,


5 Things you’re wasting your money on without even knowing it

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to create a realistic budget and save money, we could still be wasting so much


5 Easy Ways to Stop Being Poor

Struggling to make the ends meet every month is just so stressful and not to mention, mentally and emotionally draining. 


5 Reasons why you’re still broke and what you can do about it

Back when I was still working an office job, though I was earning good money, I was still constantly scrambling


5 Painless ways to cut your Spending to Save Money

Last year was by far my greatest financial struggle. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety — that eventually made

sure-fire way to improve your finances

5 Sure-fire ways to improve your Finances now

Managing your money and staying on top of your finances can sometimes be too overwhelming – at least, that’s what it


5 Surprising reasons why you’re still living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck can become a dreadful never-ending cycle.  When I was working an 8-5 job, though I was earning

money mistake to avoid this holiday

6 Major Money Mistake To Avoid This Holiday Season

I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life even more so on how I chose to handle my


5 ways you’re wasting money without even knowing it

I was not good with money. I had no intention of saving. I even had this bad habit of just

Holiday spending can easily become very expensive. Learn the best tips and tricks on how you can stick to your budget this Christmas and save money this holiday season

6 Proven Tips to help you Save Money this Holiday Season

After having to quit my job this year due to Mental Health reasons, I have been doing everything that I

financial hacks to achieve your financial goals

6 Brilliant Financial Hacks to help you achieve your Financial Goals

Managing my finances has always been a tricky subject. Especially, when I was younger. I remember landing my first full-time


6 Easy and Effective Tricks to help you Save Money without the feeling of sacrificing too much

Nowadays, with everything being a one-click purchase, saving money has become the very least of our priorities. Especially when you’re

successfully live below your means

6 Effective Tips to Successfully Live Below Your Means

Whether you’re aiming to be financially free, or you want to save more money or maybe even get out of

actions to take when you're behind on bills

6 Effective Actions to take when your behind on Bills

This happens to almost all of us. You’re doing okay, paying all your bills, all your monthly expenses are up

how to start and emergency fund

6 brilliant tips to help you Start & Build up an Emergency Fund Fast

When I was still working my 9-5 office job, I made this huge mistake in not focusing on my savings


7 things that frugal people don’t do to save more money

When I was still working my 9-5 job, I made this huge mistake of living beyond my means. I was

Smart ways to cut your grocery bill in half

9 Smart Ways to cut your Grocery Bill

After having to quit my job, I had to sit down and really look at where our money was going.

june income report

June 2018 Income Report

Blogging has really helped shaped my life in so many ways. The thrill I get every time I see people


7 Budgeting Tips that’ll help you create an Effective Budget

Budgeting is a huge step towards financial success. This step is crucial if you are really determined to start saving


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