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Let’s talk about success. Success or being successful for me is definitely subjective. Success can have different meanings for each of us. 

What does being successful look like to you? Is it having tons of money or being financially free? 

Buying your dream house? Landing your dream job? Or being happy? 

When I was younger, being successful for me means accomplishing my goals. I saw success as something that was measured through one’s accomplishments. 

But now, it’s different. Success for me is being happy. When you are happy, contented, and living a meaningful life then for me you are successful. 

But to you, success may look completely different and that’s okay. For me, there’s no right or wrong definition of success. 

We go through different things and we all have different journeys so I guess it’s safe to say that we all have our own versions of being successful. 

But regardless of how we may define success, I think we can all agree that successful people all share the same habits to help them achieve their own version of success. 

So, if you want to start improving your life, scroll down below to see 14 HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL WOMEN. 

She’s not afraid to challenge herself and step out of her comfort zone – she knows that challenging herself and pushing herself is vital in helping her grow, learn, and be better. 

She knows how to handle criticisms – She accepts criticism with an open mind and she learns from them. She believes that constructive criticisms are avenues for personal development and growth. 

She’s continually learning and she doesn’t stop educating herself – and it’s not about having a degree. A successful woman is not afraid to ask questions. She reads. She researches. She’s constantly hungry for knowledge. 

She lifts people up and helps others – she doesn’t drag people down just for the sake of her benefit. Instead, she encourages people, she helps them and she’s not afraid to share with them her knowledge. 

She forgets about perfection and she is not afraid of failure – she knows that constantly striving for perfection is useless and just mentally draining. She understands that mistakes and failures are not a bad thing. She forgives herself for her mistakes and she learns from them. 

She starts her day with positive affirmations and with a positive mindset – she knows how important it is to start your day on a positive note. If you do that, you’re more likely to have a happy and successful day. 

She is not afraid to take a break and make time for herself – she knows how important it is to slow down, check-in with yourself, and practice self-care. Doing this will help you be healthier and happier and of course, if you’re not constantly draining yourself, you’re more likely to do a great job and be more productive. 

She set specific goals and she sticks with them – she knows that setting goals are important in helping us stay focused and motivated. She knows what she wants and where she wants to be and she is willing to do the work necessary to get there. 

She is grateful – she knows that focusing on the things that we lack will not do her any good. For the record, it will only frustrate us. She understands that it’s best to focus on the things that she has instead, her blessings, and on the little good things that are happening every day. 

She is mindful of her finances  – she tracks her spending and her savings. And she is always on top of her finances. She knows how important it is to be mindful of her money.

She is kind, humble, and compassionate! 

She doesn’t compare herself with others – she knows that comparing herself with others will not do her any good. Instead of focusing on other people, it’s best to focus on our journey instead. She knows her worth and she is secure with herself. 

She celebrates her win – she knows how important it is to acknowledge our efforts and our wins, big and small. 

She makes her mental health a priority – most of us are guilty of taking our mental health for granted without really realizing how vital it is to our well-being and happiness.

It’s time to start taking control of our lives and better our situation. If you want to achieve your own version of success, build these habits one by one. 

Remember that creating good habits is not something that we can do overnight. So take small steps and be consistent with your efforts! 

You got this! 



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