5 simple tips to help you boost your self-esteem

Nowadays, with everything that has been happening, with all the changes that we are seeing, almost all of us have different takes on what self-esteem means. For others their self-esteem is based on all the achievements that they have accomplished, while others base it on how they look, on how popular they are or on how many followers they have on their social media accounts.

We all have different takes, different opinions, different bases on how we determine what self-esteem is, but what you should only know is that self-esteem only boils down to one thing, it’s how you judge and appreciate yourself for who you are, with all your faults and imperfections included. And oftentimes, that is also one of the reasons why you think so little of yourself since your basing it on something else. Something that is irrelevant.

If you feel this way, I get you. I was down that road, my achievements was always the basis of how I appreciate myself and by the time I realized that my accomplishments/failures doesn’t define me, it was a little too late, it had already taken so much toll on how I see my worth. But it doesn’t have to stay this way, I have learned that little by little, every single day, you have the power to change the way you appreciate and see your worth, with the help of these 5 easy tips.

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I have gathered 5 simple tips that can help boost your self-esteem.

 boost self-esteem

Stop playing the comparison game

Each of us will take different journeys, we all go through different paths. And just because someone is bragging about how happy they are, how popular they are or how many accomplishments they have doesn’t mean that they have higher worth than you. Don’t feel discouraged or don’t let that be a reason why you would think less of yourself. After all, you still don’t know what that person truly feels about themselves or on what inner battles they have to face every day. So instead of focusing all your energy on other people, try to re align it and just focus it on you.


Don’t beat yourself up for every mistake

Instead of being your self’s judge why not try to be your self’s cheerleader. Every one makes mistakes and you are no exception. Stop beating yourself for every simple failure instead handle all of them in a positive manner. So, the next time you fail, pick yourself up, learn from them and trust that you will do so much better next time.

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Stop chasing for perfection

Most of us will always strive for perfection. We set very high standards for ourselves; inhuman standards. And oftentimes, this could be the very reason why we are not stepping up, why we are no longer trying because we are too afraid of not living up to our expectations. We are too afraid to disappoint ourselves. So, put away all those unreasonable standards and know that YOU are enough, that doing your best is enough regardless the outcome.


Quite down your inner critics

Learn to eliminate self-criticism and start introducing self-compassion. Be your self’s best friend. Every time your thoughts on how you are not smart enough, you are not pretty enough or you can’t just do it, comes rushing in, learn to stop and block them. Stop being your self’s enemy and start encouraging yourself instead.


Know and accept yourself

Knowing and accepting yourself is very important. Once you know who you truly are and accept everything that is about you, you will then know what you are capable of doing. Those opinions coming from others on how you are not good enough will no longer matter to you. All the judgements will become irrelevant. So, explore yourself, know all your strengths, your weaknesses, your flaws, everything that makes you, You. And learn to love every single one of them because you are special; you are more than enough!

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We all have different coping mechanisms, while these may have worked on me, these may not all work for you. So, choose the ones that works best for you. And remember, you don’t have to master all these things at the same time, do it one by one. Baby steps. And you will then see that these small changes will have a large impact on how you see yourself. So, try them today and let me know what you think!

If you have any tips that you would like to add, let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!

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