6 Effective Tips that will help keep your Hair Healthy and Beautiful

Have you ever felt the frustration of your hair looking extremely healthy almost all year around but suddenly turns lifeless during the summer? Now that’s summer has arrived, it’s time to make sure that your hair is protected from the summer sun. Just as it can damage your skin, the sun can also damage your hair and scalp. The sun can easily dry out our hair straws and makes our hair fall flat. See what a nightmare the summer sun does to your hair? That’s why it’s always important to take adequate measures to protect your hair while stepping outdoors. But have you ever really thought about how you can protect your hair from the summer sun? I know that there are thousands of good hair products that work wonders on your hair but there are also some extra simple ways that you can do to keep your hair healthy beautiful.

That’s right, you don’t always have to spend money to take care of your hair. You just have to explore other options and be willing to do a little tweaking in your lifestyle.


To help you get started, I have decided to gather 6 Effective Tips that will help keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. Check them out!

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 keep your Hair Healthy


Avoid Heat

I understand how we always love to style our hair with our hair straighteners and curling irons but since it’s summer, your hair is already getting too much heat from the sun, so avoid the additional heat as much as you can.

You can wash your hair an hour earlier so you can just let it dry naturally and avoid using the blow dryer. Also, avoid using hair curlers or straighteners and let them be as natural as they can be. But If you must use any styling tools, opt for the low or medium temperature setting and always remember to use heat protection for your hair.



Avoid any chemical hair treatments

The summer heat can easily dry and damage your hair, you don’t need to add more damage. If you want your hair to stay hydrated make sure to go easy on any chemical hair treatments during summer.

But if there is really a need for you to dye your hair, trying doing this a month before summer arrives or you can simply try avoiding exposing your hair to too much direct sunlight– since it may bleach and dry your hair out.

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Try an Overnight Hair Treatment

An overnight hair treatment has seriously been a lifesaver for me. It easily keeps my hair healthy and shiny despite all the unending curling and straightening that I do.

Apply a leave-in conditioner from your hair roots to ends and wrap a towel around your hair, leave it in overnight and you’ll wake up in the morning with soft and smooth hair.



Remember to Shampoo with Care

You may think that using shampoo every day will keep your healthy feeling soft and smooth but doing so will cause more harm than good. Too much shampoo can dry up your scalp and hair even more.

One of the best practices to avoid dryness is to only shampoo your scalp because putting shampoo separately on your hair and ends will eventually dry them out. Also, try going for a mild shampoo that is more suited for summer.



Learn to Love your conditioner

Make sure to restore some moisture and life back to your hair especially this summer season. If they are days when you feel like your hair is getting drier, then just use a conditioner that suits your hair type and texture. Also, if you are going for a swim, remember to put on a leave-in conditioner – that’ll help protect and keep your hair feeling soft.

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Start your summer with a fresh cut

It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair, the summer sun can still make the ends of your hair dry and brittle, and who wants that look for summer? Summer is the time where the ends of your hair take a lot of beating.

Which makes it the most ideal time to get a fresh new haircut but if you don’t want to get your hair shorten just opt for a small trim to ensure that your ends stay fresh and healthy.


Our hair deserves as much attention as our skin. So, make sure you keep them healthy and protected this summer.

What about you? How do you keep your hair healthy? Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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