6 life saving items from Amazon that’ll organize your bedroom (all under $20)

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After a long stressful day at work or every time I have bad days, my go to place has always been my bedroom. It’s the perfect place where I can relax, unwind and just think. However if you have  a small bedroom, like me, feeling calm and serene could be a bit challenging sometimes since you have limited space it’s not always easy to keep it clutter free. And for me sleeping in a cluttered bedroom is probably the worst. I mean you wouldn’t want to wake up the next day and trip over the junk on your bedroom floor, right?

I know keeping a small space clutter free can be difficult, it is challenging but it is definitely not impossible. Take it from me; I’ve jumped from living into small dorm rooms to living into a small apartment. So now let me share to you these 6 life saving items from Amazon that has kept my bedroom organized (ALL UNDER $20).

 organize your bedroom


This is a perfect storage organizer for books, phones, tablets, laptops and other accessories. Plus you can just easily hang this on headboards, bed rails, dorm rooms and even bunk beds. Everything you need within reach. Talk about convenience. 

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Foldable 28 Ring Hole Slots Closet Hanger

This is perfect for organizing your scarves, Ties, Belts and Socks.  Plus it can save you so much time, since you can see everything at a glance, you can just easily choose your favorite garment piece. No more fumbling around looking for your favorite scarf.

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100L Large Capacity Underbed Storage Bag

This is great for storing your comforters, seasonal blankets, quilts, bedding’s and even pillows. So this will definitely help you save some closet space. Plus it is very easy to store, you can just place it under your bed or even on top of your closet.

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Jewelry Organizer Hanging Bag

This has 40 pockets and 20 hook-and-loop tabs perfect for your earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can easily place it anywhere and since it display’s your jewelry clearly, it would be a lot easier for you to pick up something to wear with your outfit.

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Over the Door Hanging Fabric Shoe Organizer

This has 24 pockets for storage. This item is very versatile, you can use it to store shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories.

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Closet Organizer Fabric Storage Basket Cubes Bins

This has 6 foldable storage baskets, perfect for storing all your stuff! From toys, arts and craft supplies, books, literally anything you can think of! This just keeps a lot of things organized.

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What about you? What items do you use to keep your bedroom organized?

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