8 Mistakes You’re Making When Washing Your Face

Washing your face may seem pretty simple – just splash on some water, work in some product and you basically think you’re good to go. That’s where you’re wrong. If you really want to see a big difference on how your skin looks then you have to do more than that. It’s not only how you wash your face that makes the difference, but when, how often, and what type of face wash you use. Not being able to do it right can result to some pretty significant issues, like dryness, breakouts and premature sagging and wrinkles.


But not to worry, it only takes a few simple tweaks to see some serious improvements. That’s why today, I’ve gathered 8 common mistakes you’re making when washing your face – mistakes that you should stop doing right now. Check them out!

 washing your face

Turning up the water temperature too high

Our skin is already super sensitive, so hot water is definitely a no no. Doing this can cause long-term damage to your skin. It can burst capillaries resulting to a lot of redness. Using hot water can also disturb your skin’s natural oil balance which usually leads to breakouts and that’s definitely not good.

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Using your face cleanser to remove makeup

It’s more recommended to use a gentle makeup removing wipe, micellar water, or an oil-based makeup remover before you wash your face, especially when removing long-wear makeup. Since there are many makeup brands that are smudge proof or waterproof, so your basic cleansers will not remove them thoroughly.


Using the wrong cleanser for your skin type

It’s definitely a must to know your skin type – this will help you choose the perfect face wash that is best suited for your skin. Like, if you have sensitive skin, go for a more hydrating and gentle cleanser. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you might want to try using a foaming or salicylic acid-based cleanser to remove excess oil and dirt. If your skin is more on the dry side, we recommend using a cream cleanser that will help your skin’s top layer retain more moisture and stay hydrated.

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Wiping your face off with a shower towel

I know that most of us use our shower towel to dry our faces. Even though you just took a shower, we still don’t want the bacteria from your body to spread to your face. That’s why it’s always best to have a separate cloth for your face instead.


Scrubbing and lathering for too long

Over Scrubbing is definitely not good for your skin, especially when using an exfoliating wash, it may quickly lead to skin irritation and redness. A good 20 or 30 seconds will do, but any more than that could do more harm than good. The length of time you scrub your face does not correlate to how well you cleansed your face.


Overusing salicylic acid

Those products that have salicylic acid, an ingredient used to treat acne, can dry out our skin if overused. Salicylic acid helps reduce the oily shine on your face and also dry up your inflamed pimples, but using it more than once a day can damage your skin’s natural oil and it makes your skin super-dry and irritated.

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Reusing a Washcloth

You can either wash the washcloth every single day or use a new one each time you wash your face. Washcloths can redeposit dirt and bacteria right back to your skin.


Exfoliating more than once or twice a week

Over-Exfoliating is definitely a thing. Sure, exfoliating can certainly benefit our skin, since it helps remove dead cells that are accumulated on the surface of our skin, but doing it too much can also be too harsh for your skin. It is recommended to just exfoliate once or twice a week.


Doing a few tweaks and changes on the way you wash your face can help you achieve a glowing and healthier skin. So, let’s stop doing these mistakes today so we can start seeing changes!

Do you have anything to add on this list? Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!

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