How I skyrocketed my Pinterest monthly views from 88k to 819k in less than 2 months

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Pinterest – one of the greatest tools for driving traffic to your blog.


Before I even started blogging, I already knew that Pinterest is one of the best ways of driving traffic but the tricky part was knowing how to do it. Now, for some, Pinterest can be frustrating and overwhelming and I’m completely on your side on that.


When I first started out, I had no clue how to gain more followers and how to get my content to as many readers as possible. Not to mention the time that you have to spend creating quality pins and of course, pinning. And as if all of that is not enough, here comes the constant changing of algorithms that Pinterest does. So what worked then may not work now.


But once you take the time to really study on how you can utilize Pinterest for your benefit, it can become your greatest ally. My major source of traffic has always been Pinterest. I know it may seem difficult and overwhelming at first but it’s definitely not impossible. You just have to be willing to put hard work into it.


To help you out, I will be sharing with you how we grew our Pinterest Account from 88,000 monthly viewers to 819,000 monthly viewers in less than two months.  So keep reading!


Take a look at our Pinterest Account

May Monthly Viewers

June Monthly viewers

As you can see, during the month of April we only had an average of 88,000 monthly viewers and in less than two months, we managed to grow our monthly viewers to an average of 819,000. Crazy, right?


I just want to lay all our cards on the table for you. We didn’t take any paid Pinterest courses, we didn’t buy any e-books nor did we use any scheduling tool.


We are not special and it doesn’t take any type of superpower to do this. You just have to pair dedication with hard work and you too can make it.


Printable Planner


Now, let me show you everything that we did to help you improve your Pinterest game.


Be Consistent 

Always, always be consistent. I’m sure you’d probably heard a thousand bloggers saying, it’s better to pin 30-60 pins a day than to pin 200-250 pins once per week. This statement is completely true! Consistency is crucial in growing your Pinterest Account.


If you’ve read our first income report, I mentioned that because I was too overwhelmed by blogging, I took a break for almost a month. No new content was published, we didn’t pin. We didn’t even visit our Pinterest account. I was just too demotivated but before taking that long break, we were getting about roughly 50-80 page views coming from Pinterest alone.


But once we started pinning again, we started from the bottom. We were only getting 10-12 page views from Pinterest and it took us about a week or two of consistent pinning to finally see changes. So, as much as possible, keep pinning quality pins every day.


Now, I usually pin about 150-250 of my own pins a day and about 30-40 pins of other people’s content and I do everything manually and I do this every single day.


Creating great quality pins

We used to think that pinnable images meant creating pins that are over the top, has lots of pictures with a super bright color scheme but we were definitely wrong. Creating pinnable images doesn’t only mean creating attractive pins, you also have to make sure that it is readable and most importantly, pleasing to the eyes.


If you take a look at our old pins, you would see how distracting it looks. Everything was all over the place; the color scheme was not even matching. So we decided to change it. Now, we choose to stick with a simpler style, something that’s both attractive and readable.


Use keywords and Hashtags

You must always remind yourself that Pinterest is not a social media – it’s a search engine. So, for your pins and your profile to reach a wider audience, you must always use proper and popular keywords in your pin descriptions, in your bio and even in your own boards. Just make sure that your descriptions still makes sense and you’re not just lumping keywords on them.


My trick for finding popular keywords is I usually go to Pinterest’s explore tab, then I type something like, Depression, it will show me a list of words related to my main topic that people are frequently searching for, then I incorporate those words on my pin descriptions.


Join Group Boards

Group Boards has been an essential part in the growth of my Pinterest account. As a beginner blogger who doesn’t have a lot of followers, I didn’t have the ability to get my content to a wider audience. This is where Group Boards come in. Let’s say you’ve joined a group board that has over 50,000 followers and you pin to that board, your pin now has the chance to be seen by those 50,000 people. So, if you join about 30 group boards that have that amount of followers, imagine the amount of audience that you are reaching.


Just make sure to join group boards with a high amount of followers or boards that have a high repin rate. A high repin rate means that the group board has an active following that is constantly pinning a lot of content.


How to find Group Boards

I usually have two ways on how I find great group boards. First, is going to PinGroupie and searching for group boards that are related to my niche.


But honestly, I don’t rely on PinGroupie that much now. I find that the most effective way for me to find amazing group boards is by going onto some of my favorite blogger’s Pinterest account( bloggers who have the same niche as mine ) and see what Pinterest group boards they are on.


And of course the basics

Enabling rich pins and claiming your website

If you are already a seasoned blogger, I’m pretty sure you have these covered already but if you are just starting out then doing this is the very first thing that you should do after setting up a business account on Pinterest. Enabling these two makes your pin look more professional and not spammy looking since it will be displaying more text and information about the article linked to that pin.


And personally, when I’m pinning other people’s content, I’m always more comfortable in pinning rich pins.


Keep experimenting 

This here is very important! When I was first starting out, I didn’t have the resources to pay for a Pinterest course or even buy an e-book. So, I had to stick with all the free information that I was getting, and not that it’s a bad thing. Those free information that I was getting from other bloggers were all very helpful but sometimes in order for you to really get an in-depth guide on what you need to do, you have to pay for it. And I didn’t have that luxury.


So, that’s when I started experimenting. I studied some pins that were really doing well on Pinterest, I studied their designs. I researched all the popular topics in my niche and looked for ways to improve it. I split my pins for each topic and pinned them sporadically for me to determine when my pins are getting the most engagements and I stayed with that time frame.


With Pinterest always changing their algorithms, there’s no secret sauce for success. You just have to keep learning and keep experimenting.


I’m not going to say that I have mastered the Pinterest game because I haven’t and I may even be far from doing that. I know I still have a lot to learn and there will still be days when I’ll feel discouraged and demotivated but that won’t certainly stop me.


So, if you are also feeling this way know that it gets better. As long as you work hard, stay dedicated – you will make it. Don’t let page views, monthly viewers or people weigh you down. Continue to keep pushing, keep learning and you will get there!


Hope you guys enjoyed my personal Pinterest strategy. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!


And remember, if others can make it happen, then you can too!



15 thoughts on “How I skyrocketed my Pinterest monthly views from 88k to 819k in less than 2 months”

  1. woow this is an amazing and in depth post. Very useful information. Thank you. I will definitely implement the strategies suggested. I have been blogging for 6 months but not getting far but I am going to keep at it and hopefully succeed

    • Hi Vanessa! Thank you! I’m so glad I can help???? don’t worry, just hang in there and I’m certain you’ll make it. ????

  2. Thanks for the info. I had no idea you could join group boards. One question tho, how do you pin 30-60 pins a day? Is this pinning other peoples stuff or your content? I don’t think I have 30 recipes on my blog yet, so i don’t know how I could do that daily. Thanks!

    • Hi Danielle! We have a multi-niche blog, we normally post around 5-6 new posts each week to cover each category and we create 5-6 pins for each topic. ???? Maybe you can create at least 5 pins for each topic you have posted and then pin them sporadically on group boards. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me. Best of luck! ????

  3. Hi Ivy! Since we have a multi-niche blog, we usually post 5-6 articles per week and we create about 5 pins per post. We then pin them by batches. So we would take like 3 posts and pin 2 images for each of them per day(we don’t pin all new pins at the same time) then we would pin the other 3 topics left the next day.

    If you normally post 1-2 articles per week, you can maybe create 5 pins per post(if that’s doable for you) then post 2 pins for each topic every day.

    Just keep experimenting on your pinning strategy – check what works best for you.

    Hope that answers your question. If you have any other questions, let me know, I’d be happy to help out! Best of luck! ????????

  4. Great post! But how do you get accepted to group boards? I’ve been reading up on how important it is to join group boards to grow traffic, but I’m finding I’m not getting a response let along an invite to join a group. I’ve sent about 20 requests so far in a day and received one invitation. Should I expect to wait weeks and send multiple requests?

  5. Informative post! Thanks Can you give us some ideas on where to find free or reasonably priced pictures for posts and pins?

    • Hi Sue! We get our pictures for free on these sites.

      Hope this helps! ❣️

    • Hi John! There was a just little glitch with our Pinterest Account last week but they have sorted it out and now, everything’s fix. ☺️


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