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Bad days – we all have them.

Sometimes, no matter how great life is, it just takes this unexpected turn and before you know it, you’re having a bad day.

Because let’s face it, even though we think we have it all figured out, we still go through bumps and tough days.

I have my fair share of bad days. I used to work in a very stressful environment and almost every day was just dreadful.

There were days where I would lock myself in the restroom cubicle, bawling my eyes out.

Days where I sat at the office, wanting to scream and ran away while reminding myself how I needed that job.

I was awful in overcoming bad days.

I didn’t know how to shift my mood from bad to good even after work.

I took it home with me that I sometimes end up lashing out at the people that I love.

My coping mechanism meant bottling up all my feelings and emotions.

Never even bothering to turn my day around.

Until such time that it all blows up putting me in a much worse position than I already was.

I don’t know why but I just had this bad habit of letting my bad days control me.

Whether it’s because of work, getting stuck in traffic or even simply waking up on the wrong side of the bed, I’ve realized that it’s always important to know how to handle them.

And you might just be surprised that sometimes it only takes one single task and a clearer mind to turn our day around.


That’s why today, I have decided to share with you 5 Small things I do to overcome a Bad Day.


These are just small and simple things I do and remember that helps turn my bad day around.

Check them out!

overcome a bad day


Take it one step at a time

I’ve realized that there is one thing that constantly feeds my bad days, and that is the feeling of overwhelm.

When I’m having a lousy day at work or even when I’m at home, I always feel too overwhelmed.

Too overwhelmed by all the task, the deadlines, the chores, the bills piling up, and just about everything that’s not turning out as planned.

I try to juggle all of them at once, and sometimes it just becomes too much for me that I end up paralyzed, feeling like the whole world is crumbling down on me.

I’ve realized that the feeling of overwhelm just makes things so much worse!

It just makes it more difficult for me to get out of that situation – making me feel paralyzed and trapped.

Now, when this happens, I pause.

I take a deep breath.

And I remind myself that there is a solution and it only takes one small step to start making a difference.

I don’t juggle everything at once or even think of all of them at the same time.

Instead, I take it one step at a time and I remind myself that even a single step will make all the difference.




Take a walk or just sit outside

When my anxiety level is at its peak or when everything just gets too stressful

Taking a walk or even just sitting outside makes a huge difference for me.

I don’t know why but there is just something about it that comforts me.

Looking at the sky.

Watching the leaves sway with the breeze.

Somehow, all those things just pull me out of the bad mood.

It reminds me that even the worse day only has 24 hours and that tomorrow is another chance to make things better.

So, when you feel like everything is just not going your way.

Go outside and take a short walk.

Stop checking your messages, don’t check those emails.

Instead, focus on your surroundings.

Focus on your every step.

Take a deep breath.

Doing this does not only help me turn my day around, but it also helps me overcome my anxiety.



Cry or Vent out

I remember after having a terrible day at work, my normal response to it was just to basically ignore everything.

I didn’t want to talk about it.

I refuse to acknowledge it.

I didn’t want to acknowledge what I felt.

I hid all my pain and anger.

But that’s the thing; we can only take so much until we finally break.

That’s what happened to me.

I kept putting on this facade that I was doing okay.

That everything was going well.

When in fact, everything was falling apart – I was falling apart.

So, if you are having a lousy day and if you feel like crying or even venting out, do it.

Cry, vent out, talk to someone about what you feel.

Remember that doing this isn’t a sign of weakness; it means that you are strong enough to admit that you are not okay.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes a good cry is all I need to turn my frown upside down.


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Trust that it will pass

It will pass – I hated that phrase.

When people came to me with those words, I just found it so annoying.

But after experiencing the lowest point of my life, I’ve realized that even the most horrible day, the lousiest week, the worse month, passes.

I’ve realized that even the most severe pain, over time, becomes easier to manage.

Now, every time I go through a rough patch or just a terrible day, I make it a habit to remind myself of these words.

I remind myself that with a new day comes hope, new possibilities, and a chance to make things better.

So, don’t let a bad day keep you down.

Keep your head up high and trust that it will pass.



Look forward to the things that make you happy 

I had a lot of lousy weeks.

I spent a lot of terrible days.

But there’s one thing that keeps me going during those days,

And that is by constantly reminding myself of those little things that I’m looking forward to.

Those small things make me happy.

Whether it’s a weekend away with your family or even the released date of your favorite book – simply anything that makes you happy.

Mine was always holding on to the thought of a weekend spent with my family or even taking a long hot bath after work.

Just remember that no matter how small it is, as long as it makes you happy then hold on to that thought.

It makes all the difference!


Bad days will always be a part of life. No matter how much we try to dodge it, somehow it still manages to creep in.

There will always be days where we feel like our world is falling apart.

Days where everything is not going our way.

But don’t let these days keep you down. Believe in yourself and push through these tough times.

Just keep going and don’t quit!

What about you? What do you do to turn a bad day around? Let me know in the comment section below or send me an email, I would love to hear from you!



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  1. This is great advice! I used a lot of these when I was going through some tough times recently. The trusting it will pass was probably the one I used the most because I could say to myself “This too shall pass”. Some days it was harder to believe than others, but it definitely helped me reframe my mindset! PS Sharing your pin in my Good Vibes Pinterest board. Woop!


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