20 Journal Prompts for your Mental Health

How have you been feeling lately? I’ve been struggling with so much negativity, stress, and overwhelm these past few weeks.

I’ve been so overwhelmed by work that I have this constant need to keep doing something — thinking that by constantly doing something, I’m preventing things from falling apart. 

I didn’t even realize how badly this affected my mental health because I was so consumed with work and all other aspects of my life that I failed to see how I was really feeling. 

And I do this a lot. I get too caught up with everything that is happening around me and I just go about my day on autopilot that I easily ignore my needs and mental health. 

Are you guilty of doing this too? If so, don’t feel bad. This happens to a lot of people. We get too caught up with life and with other people’s needs that we easily take ours for granted. We easily ignore the state of our well-being and mental health. 

But we must constantly remind ourselves that our mental health is a priority. Taking care of our mental health is vital to our well-being and happiness, that’s why it’s best to slow down, breathe, and check in with our mental health every now and then. 

I find the best way of doing this is through Journaling. Journaling has been therapeutic for me. It allows me to pour all my thoughts and worries and just check in with how I’m feeling. 


How are you feeling at this very moment? 

List out every emotion that you went through today. Describe it in detail. 

What are the things that have been bothering you and how long has this been bothering you? List at least 10.

Describe the last time you’ve had a depressive episode. What were the things that you did to help you feel better? 

Describe your last panic attack. What were the things that you did to calm your anxiety? 

List 10 things that you like about yourself.

List 10 things that you are grateful for.

What are the things that you are looking forward to this week or this month? 

What are the things that triggers your anxiety?

What steps can you take to avoid or minimize these triggers? 

When do you feel most at peace, relaxed, and calm? 

List 5 things that are causing you stress and anxiety right now. Describe why they are causing you stress and anxiety. 

Describe a difficult or stressful situation you’ve encountered this week. How did you cope with it? What did you learn from it? 

List 5 things that made you smile or laugh today. 

List 10 things that you love to do every time you’ve had a bad or stressful day. 

What has your depression taught you?

What are the things that you can do to improve your mental health?

What are the things that you can do or things that you can avoid to help reduce the stress and anxiety in your life? 

List 3 things that you love about your life and you’re constantly grateful for. 

What is your favorite form of self-care? 

Happy Journaling!

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