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Have you been struggling with self-doubt lately? Do you want to know how to confident in yourself?

Two years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was at my lowest. I was faced with so many rejections, failures, and disappointments that I ended up doubting myself. 

Every time, I started to do something good, I would stop myself from being happy, believing that I could never do anything right. 

I struggled with confidence so badly that I also thought the only thing I can do was to disappoint and everything I do is wrong

And let me tell you, living my life like that was exhausting. I was so unhappy. Stressed and overwhelmed. I hated myself, I didn’t believe in myself that I never really went after what I wanted. 

It kept me stuck and lost. I stopped myself from going after the things that I want, my dreams and goals because of the thought that I was never enough.

That there is just no point in even trying anymore because I will still end up disappointed. But that kind of mentality is definitely wrong. It will not only keep you stuck but it will also prevent you from growth, from learning and from finding true happiness.

If you’re feeling the same way, don’t feel bad, instead, try to remember that you can still do simple things and make small changes that will help you overcome self-doubt, be happy and learn how to be more confident in yourself

Scroll down below to see 11 HABITS OF CONFIDENT WOMEN

They are not afraid of making mistakes and they embrace failure – Confident women know and accepts that mistakes and failures are avenues for learning and growth. They don’t beat themselves up every time they fail, instead, they learn from them and try again. 

They know how to say NO – they don’t say yes to things that they are not comfortable with just to please other people. They know that constantly saying yes just to please other people can be so exhausting and bad for their mental health and well-being. They remind themselves that no matter what they do, they can’t please everyone and that’s perfectly okay. 

They don’t strive for perfection – they know that constantly chasing perfection will only cause them stress and anxiety. Regardless of what we do or how hard we try, perfecting everything is not attainable. We are bound to make mistakes – confident people accept this and they understand that often striving for perfection can even hold us back. 

They are not afraid to ask questions – confident women have a strong desire to learn and gain more knowledge. Asking questions will not make us look stupid or dumb, confident women know that asking questions will only show our desire to learn. 

They know their strengths and weaknesses – knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vital in helping you achieve success – confident women know and understand this! They know their strengths and weakness and they use them to their advantage. 

They don’t bring other people down for their own benefit – confident women will never drag people down for their benefit. She is not afraid to help and support other people and she celebrates other people’s wins. 

They practice self-care – confident women understand how vital self-care is to their well-being and happiness. They know that self-care is not selfish. They are not afraid to take some time off for themselves and check-in with how their feeling. They understand their needs also matter. 

They step out of their comfort zone – yes, stepping out of our comfort zone can be really difficult but confident women knows that for them to grow and improve, they have to step outside their comfort zone. They understand that they will never achieve anything if they limit themselves.

They are comfortable in their own skin and they are not afraid to be true to themselves – learning to love and accept ourselves can be tough but confident women understands that falling into the comparison trap will not do them any good, often, it may just hold us back. It’s important to learn to accept ourselves completely. 

They are not afraid to ask for help – confident women know that asking for help is not a bad thing. It will not make us look weak or stupid. Confident women know their limitations and shortcoming and they are not afraid to admit them. 

They hold themselves accountable – they know that the only way for them to change and improve their lives is by holding themselves accountable. They don’t just make goals and just leave them. They understand how important it is to hold themselves accountable for them to continue striving towards their goals and dreams.

Let’s build these habits one by one to help us become more confident and achieve success! 



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