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I was stuck in a job that I didn’t love. I was trapped in a toxic and very stressful environment — constantly chasing perfection. I was showing everyone that I was happy, that I was okay, but I wasn’t — I was miserable.

And I was just too afraid to admit that fact to myself.

It was like every day I would wake up feeling numb and empty. Everything just felt meaningless.

I would greet everyone I meet with a smile and a cheerful laugh but I was far from being happy. I kept looking for ways to fill the emptiness that I was feeling.

I kept trying to look for things to make me happy, I was trying to do everything to be happy but the problem was no matter what I do, I was not happy with the person I was.

I was exhausted, confused, and lost. I was bitter, so quick to anger, and haven’t felt peace in a long time.

And truth be told, it took everything in my life to fall apart before I finally had the courage to admit to myself that this is not the life that I want. This is not the person that I want to be.

I knew that fact all along but I was just too afraid to do something about it.

Too afraid to let go of the familiarity, too afraid to take the risk that I would gladly stay miserable than going after my goals because I know that those things are not guaranteed.

We all want to change, we all want to grow, to improve ourselves, to improve our lives, and to achieve our greatest purpose — I wanted these, but the problem is, often, we are just too afraid to take that first step.

We are too afraid to step into the unknown and end up failing. Sometimes, we just don’t know where and how to start — we are lost, confused, thinking that this is all we will ever be.

If you too are feeling this way,

here are 5 easy steps to Reinvent Yourself and Change your Life…

reinvent yourself

These steps allowed me to steer my life in better and happier directions — I’m hoping that they will do the same for you!

Have the courage, to be honest with yourself

In order for change to take place and in order for you to start over, you must first be completely honest with yourself.

This was one of my mistakes. I kept pretending that I was okay. I kept telling myself that I was happy with who I was and where I was.

I was too afraid to admit to myself that I was a mess.

It took me long enough to finally realize that I will never be able to turn my life around until I’m completely honest with myself about how broken I am and how badly I needed change.

I know facing what you feel can sometimes be scary. We often think that if we just ignore what’s truly happening or what we’re truly feeling it will all just go away, but in my experience, it doesn’t.

It stays and it slowly ate me alive.

So, if you’re currently at this stage, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to admit that you’ve failed. It is okay to admit that you’ve messed up, that you’ve taken a lot of wrong turns, made bad decisions.

It’s okay to admit that you have not been giving your best in what you do, or you’re not working as hard as you should be.

It’s okay to admit that you made mistakes because we all do. The important thing is you stop running away from it and start taking full responsibility for your actions and for your life.

Aim for growth, not perfection

One of the things that kept me stuck at my desk job was my constant need to strive for perfection.

You see, though I didn’t love my job, I was good at it. It was familiar to me and I was comfortable doing it.

So, for me staying there meant lesser chances of failing and a much larger chance for me to achieve perfection (which is not true)

I wanted to leave and do something that I love but I was too afraid to take the risk. Because I knew that doing that also means making mistakes and failing.

I sacrificed growth and my happiness just so I can continue my fantasy of always wanting to be perfect.

And that was one of my biggest mistakes.

Perfection doesn’t exist. It would be a waste of time and not to mention emotionally draining if you continue to allow yourself to constantly strive towards it.

We all make mistakes. We all fail. Don’t beat yourself up for that. Let go of negativity and know that what matters is you learn from them, you grow, you keep moving and you keep pushing until you accomplish your goals.

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Don’t be afraid to take a chance

I know life can sometimes be scary and intimidating that’s why we are often too afraid to take the risk. Too afraid to take a chance.

I used to be that person. I chose to settle for what’s familiar, to what I’m already comfortable with, even though I knew I was not happy, just because I was too afraid.

And where did that get me? Nowhere. Doing that didn’t do me any good. Yes, I was comfortable but was I happy? No. I was miserable.

I was too afraid to take the risk, to step into the unknown that I let myself drown in misery — and it was definitely not worth it.

Life is too short to wait. Don’t be afraid to take a chance in your dreams.

Remind yourself that every new day is an opportunity for you to better yourself, it’s an opportunity for you to improve and change your life — don’t be afraid to try.

Believe in what you can do, give your best every day and just decide to try. Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

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Love yourself

Learning to love yourself, your whole self is essential in the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Easier said than done, right? This is a cliché statement, I know, yet most of us still have a hard time truly grasping it.

I have always thought that I loved myself but growing up, I always felt the need to strive and chase perfection.

I was doing this to gain approval and validation from other people. I wanted to feel accepted.

I needed their validation to feel that I was enough. I needed to hear it from other people in order for me to believe that I was good enough.

Because the truth is, I have never learned to accept and love myself completely — flaws and limitations included.

I was constantly beating myself up for every mistake. Doubting if I have what it takes to chase my dreams and achieve my goals.

We all fall into this trap. One of the greatest struggles of life is to accept, embrace and love ourselves for who we are.

But here’s what I want you to know: You need to stop being your own worst enemy. Believe in your abilities, believe in what you can do, and focus on becoming your own cheerleader, focus on becoming your own best friend.

You don’t need other’s approval just to feel that you are enough because you already are!

Be Consistent

Reinventing ourselves and improving our lives is not something that easily happens overnight. It’s not a quick fix.

We should recognize that it is a process and it is important for us to be consistent. If you want to change your life, you have to be willing to do the work.

Reaching our goals, becoming the best versions of ourselves requires dedication and commitment.

Breaking bad habits and replacing them with new positive ones requires practice every day. It takes effort.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you are not seeing the results that you want right away because that is not how it works.

Instead, focus all your attention on becoming better every single day. Celebrate every small win.

Appreciate yourself for continuously trying and pushing every day.

Remember that if you want to reinvent yourself and change your life,  You just have to take that first step. Decide to try. Embrace change.

Let go of that fear. Let go of self-doubt.  Stop letting it control your life. Don’t let it stop you from becoming the best version of yourself and from achieving your greatest purpose.

Your turn…

What steps did you take to improve and change your life or better your situation? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “How to Reinvent Yourself and Change your Life”

  1. This article describes my experience of the last 20 years of my life perfectly!
    What steps did I take to improve my life?

    I left my husband. He didn’t care about me and certainly didn’t care whether I was happy or not. Its been quite a journey over the last 3.5 years and I am so proud of myself for how far I’ve come. I’ve also learned to walk away from other relationships that weren’t good for me.

    I’ve tried and I’m still trying volunteering roles that are a huge way out of my comfort zone. These are challenging but I feel I’ve learnt and grown so much because of them.

    I’ve joined a walking group which has improved my confidence, conversation skills and I’ve made new friends.

  2. The step I took first was to sit down and do a self analysis. What I found out wasn’t interesting at all. So it was the results out of my deep self analysis that I started with in the first place. I focused alot on what wasn’t interesting to make it better. Trust me it is one of the best moves I have ever done for myself. Deep self analysis acted as a roadmap for my self improvement. Though I am still a work in progress, the small wins motivate me lots. Adding on the steps you have shared, will be a great advantage to me. Thanks so much for sharing


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