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It took me a long time to finally realize that I was unhappy, miserable and that I was not living — I was just merely existing.

I was stuck in a dead-end job that I didn’t even love. I had no direction, no passion, and I was constantly living a life of impressing other people.

Always chasing and wanting other’s validation and acceptance just so I can feel that I was still worthy to exist.

I was living a life that I thought would make other people happy or proud of me instead of living a life that would actually make me happy.

I kept making excuses for all my mistakes, my bad decisions, and the way that I was living my life.

I kept telling myself that I was genuinely happy. That I was living my best life — but in reality, I was just lying to myself.

Because the truth is, I was wasting my life. Most of us are guilty of this.

I mean, It’s just too easy for us to live a wasted life, living unhappy, waste opportunities, chances, linger on our mistakes.

It’s just too easy for us to allow ourselves to get caught up living a life of chasing other people’s approval just so we can feel enough.

I was stuck in this cycle for the longest time and finally facing up to this reality was not easy.

Yes, it was painful. It even made me feel like I was a total failure but it was necessary and it was worth it.

If you have asked yourself this question: Am’I wasting my life? Chances are, you too might be feeling this way.

If you’re tired of living like this and are longing to get more out of life,

Here are 5 ways you could be wasting your life and what you can do about it…

wasting your life

These are the things that helped me steer my life in a happier and more fulfilled direction — I’m hoping it will do the same for you!

You’re always complaining, making excuses, and blaming others… 

I was stuck in this negative cycle for a long time. I was complaining about how I hated my job, about how unfulfilled and tired I was instead of actually doing something about it.

I was constantly making excuses for all my reckless spending instead of owning up to it.

I was living a life of always chasing other people’s approval, always craving their validation — and that was exhausting.

But instead of facing up to the fact that it was me that actually allowed that to happen, I always ended up blaming others — about how they pushed me to be this way.

While that statement may be true, if I continue to let that thought rule my life, I’m only allowing those people to control me.

I’m only giving them the power to control my life.

If you want to push forward, to change your life, and to be happy, you have to start taking responsibility for your actions and mistakes.

So, stop wasting your time complaining, blaming, and making excuses, instead just take the first and necessary step that you need for you to get what you want in life.

The moment I decided to finally take action and take full responsibility for my life was completely life-changing.

It was difficult at first but it was worth it!

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You keep holding on to the past… 

It’s so easy to let ourselves hold on to a past memory, an experience, and let it steer the direction of our life.

I was guilty of this. I let a bad memory control the way I was living my life.

I let that memory hurt me for years, over and over again. I let it made me into someone that I hated.

For years, I thought that this was the right thing to do but I realized that by doing this, I was only robbing myself of the opportunity to free myself from the pain and to finally focus on the things that are happening in front of me.

I was only giving that past memory the power to hurt me over and over again — I didn’t want to do that anymore.

Don’t waste your life trying to live in a different time. Don’t let your past dictate your present and future.

Let go, set yourself free. Remind yourself that the only thing that matters are the things that you do now, the choices that you make today.

Close those old doors and allow yourself to build something new and be a happy person — you deserve it!

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You have a lot of negative self-talk and you are constantly putting yourself down…

How many times have you talked yourself out of doing something just because you think that you are not good enough for it?

Me? Well, I’ve probably done this more than a dozen times. I stayed in a job that I didn’t love because I was too afraid to leave my comfort zone.

I stayed even though I was miserable because I thought that I was not good enough to do anything else — that I was not good enough to chase after what I truly love.

And you know where that got me? Nowhere.

I wasted my life feeling miserable and unfulfilled every single day because I failed to believe in myself. I kept thinking that I wasn’t enough.

I failed to trust in the things that I can do and I allowed myself to become my biggest and toughest critic.

If you’re like me, here’s what I want you to know: Stop putting yourself down. Remind yourself that you are enough and you are worthy. There is no need for you to constantly beat yourself up. Change your thoughts.

Believe in what you can do. Trust in your capabilities. Don’t allow your inner critic to hold you back from going after your dreams and from achieving your greatest purpose.

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You’re living a life that doesn’t fulfill you… 

Are you happy? Contented? Satisfied? Fulfilled?

Back then, I would always ponder over those questions.

I could lie and tell myself, yes but I know that no matter how much I deny it, it still won’t change the fact that I wasn’t.

One thing I’ve learned from hitting rock bottom is: Life is far too precious to allow yourself to live a life that you don’t love and fulfillment is not always about pushing yourself harder and harder every single day, it’s about finding the right balance.

It’s not always about work, it’s not about not making mistakes, or avoiding failure, or how much you have achieved, it’s about learning to love life and everything that comes along with it.

So, ask yourself these questions and remember that whatever it is that is keeping you down, unhappy and dissatisfied, you have the ability to change it, you have the power to improve your life.

You keep waiting… 

Most of us wait for the perfect moment before we decide to do something while this reigns true in other situations, in most cases, doing this will only hinder us from really pursuing the things that we desire.

I had always waited for the perfect time to chase after my dreams, to reach my goals, and finally be able to do something that I love.

I waited for the perfect moment but it never came instead I hit rock bottom.

After going through heart-wrenching struggles, I waited again. I waited for good things to happen.

I waited for life to happen but then I’ve realized that doing this was only a waste.

We can’t keep waiting for life to happen, we have to make the choice and take the necessary step needed to start living.

When I was struggling really badly, I wanted to change my situation so badly and I kept waiting for the perfect time to do that instead of actually doing something.

That was my mistake.

If you want to improve your life, take action. Stop making excuses, stop settling.

Stop procrastinating. Have the courage to take that first step forward.

Life is filled with uncertainties, problems, and heart-wrenching struggles that may sometimes leave us idle or stuck but remind yourself that life is far too precious to waste. Don’t waste your life.

What matters is what you choose to do today. You have the ability to make the change and improve your life. You just have to believe in yourself and move forward.

You got this!

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