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I wake up to a lot of dark days. Days where even getting out of bed is just brutal.

Every day, the sun rises, and the feeling of guilt, disappointment, and hopelessness greets me.

This year, I have experienced what I like to consider the lowest point of my life. I’ve lost someone very dear to me, I had to quit my job with zero savings. I fell into the pit of depression.

I was slapped with the consequences brought by my mistakes. I woke up every day believing that nothing would ever work out for me – that to continue living this life would be pointless.

It would have been a lot easier for me to let that thought consume me. To let that hopelessness feed my depression. To leave myself stuck in that hole of misery.

But I knew I had to make a choice: to let mistakes, disappointments, and pain lead my life or to rise above them and continue fighting.

And I chose to go with the latter.

That’s the thing about life, we all go through pain, we all go through days, months or even years without anything go our way.

And it’s just so easy to fall and get stuck in that trap – I did.

But one of the things that kept me going was these little reminders that I was hanging on to every single day.

Little everyday reminders that have somehow helped me find the strength and the courage to move forward and continue to fight.

And I wanted to share these reminders with you too, in the hopes that it will somehow make your dark days even a little brighter.

Here are 4 Things to Remember When Going Through Tough Times…


Today is not forever

Some days I wake up, and I think to myself how pointless it is to keep going.

Whether we admit it or not, we all go through this thought. We often make ourselves believe that just because things are not going our way now then this is how it’s going to be for us for the rest of our lives – just being miserable.

We forget to remind ourselves that nothing is permanent. Today is not forever.

All the hurt, struggles, and failures that we are going through will not last.

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and just take it one day at a time.

I know sometimes doing that can be really difficult.

Especially, when life gets too overwhelming.

But believing that everything I was going through now will pass and that nothing last, gave me a reason to carry on.

It made my days a little less dark.

Keep reminding yourself that you’re struggles are only temporary and tough times never last and that you can still be happy – doing this makes all the difference!

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You are so much stronger than you think

Growing up, I hated needles. I feared them. I didn’t like the pain that it brings even if that pain only lasts a second.

When I was playing with other kids, I was always so cautious. I didn’t want to scrape my knee. I didn’t want to go through the pain.

I have always been cautious about pain, about suffering.

Looking back, I even remembered thinking of my greatest fear and I said this to myself: “If I ever have to go through that, I will never make it, I’m not strong enough”

But I did and until now, I’m still proving that statement to be false.

The point is, we often doubt our strengths, our capability to rise up against all adversities.

We all had moments where we had to go through so many struggles that we end up questioning ourselves if we even have enough strength to pick ourselves up.

Yet we have.

So, remember, you are so much stronger than you think you are.

You can get through this and you will come out stronger and braver!

Success takes time

I’ve had high hopes and big dreams. But after being diagnosed with depression, and having to quit my job, and experiencing a lot of setbacks, those big dreams started to crumble.

That high hope started to shrink and I started hating myself more and more every day for being a failure.

And I’m completely wrong for doing that.

Just because you’re experiencing setbacks, you missed opportunities, you’ve had disappointments doesn’t make you a failure.

It simply means you’re human.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. If you are going after your dream, you’re bound to face bumps and hiccups along the way but that doesn’t lessen your chance of achieving it.

You can still make it and as long as you believe you can, and continue to fight – you will definitely make it.

Just keep reminding yourself that success takes time, be patient, and continue the journey!

There is always something to be grateful for

” Even in the most peaceful surroundings, the ungrateful heart finds trouble. Even in the most troublesome surroundings, the grateful heart finds peace”

It’s amazing how gratitude can improve every situation.

After going through so many struggles and waking up to a feeling of hopelessness day after day, I started to find it very difficult to be thankful for something.

I woke up with the feeling of bitterness and anger.

On trying times, it’s always so easy to get caught up in all the negativity and just focus on all the bad things.

Anger and bitterness did not in any way lessen the burden that I’ve felt – it just made it worse.

So, I started to open my eyes and shift my perspective.

Instead of focusing on the bad things, I started to count my blessings – regardless of how small they are.

And the moment that you allow yourself to do that, is the moment you’ll experience joy even in adversity. We must let go of negativity and remember, there is always something to be thankful for.

In difficult times, we may need to look extra hard to find them but it is worth it!

Struggles, pains, disappointments will always be a part of life. There will always be bumps, turns, ups, and downs.

Because it is in those difficulties, we build invaluable strength, we grow, we become braver and wiser – making us more capable of achieving and fulfilling our greatest purpose.

So, keep fighting!

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