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Sometimes, you go through moments where life seems to keep knocking you down that you start to believe that you would never be able to pick yourself back up. 

I think we can all agree that life can be difficult. Sometimes, we go through seasons that will test every ounce of strength left in us. 

Moments when we are faced with one problem after another, slapped with one disappointment after another, not even giving us a chance to breathe. In those moments, you may feel hopeless, defeated and so down. 

But here’s what I want you to know, regardless of what you’re going through right now, you can turn your life around. You can pick yourself back up in small ways every single day that’ll make you feel better and help change your life. 

In this article, you will find some strategies that’ll help you pick yourself back up, lift your spirits, boost your confidence, and ready to face life head-on! 

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1. Breathe

You may be feeling so overwhelmed right now. I know everything may seem too much or too big for you to handle but you got this. Take a long deep breath….

And another one… And another one… 

That’s it. You’re doing a great job.  

Just breathe. Remember that you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for and so whatever it is that you are going through right now, you will make it, you will be able to pick yourself back up. 

2. Write It Down

Another way to cope with the feeling of overwhelm and stress is to make a list. When you’re faced with so many problems, things can easily pile up that you start to feel so overwhelmed and hopeless. 

Start by writing down all the things that you have to do. Place the most urgent things on top first. If a task seems too much, break down that task into smaller manageable ones. 

Doing this will not only lift your mood but it will also give you a sense of relief and control that will motivate you to pick yourself back up. 

3. Be Kind To Yourself

Are you guilty of constantly putting yourself down? Constantly criticizing yourself, especially when you’re at your lowest, is not going to help you. Truth be told, it’s only going to make things harder. 

It will not only make you doubt yourself but it will also negatively impact your mental health and wellbeing. 

One of the ways to pick yourself back up is to be kind to yourself. Give yourself some grace and instead of putting yourself down, why not try to cheer yourself on? 

Give yourself the credit that it deserves and be your own best friend. 

4. Remember That Failures Are Avenues For Growth

Yes, you made some mistakes. You failed. Don’t beat yourself up for that. Human as we are, we all commit mistakes, and we all fail. Remember that failing is not a bad thing.

Failures and mistakes are avenues for learning, growth, and for helping you unlock your fullest potential. It’s time to stop letting failures define who you are. 

You are not a failure, you just failed, and guess what? We all fail. Don’t let it keep you from going after your dreams. Don’t let it stop you from achieving your goals. Pick yourself back up and keep going. 

5. Be Grateful

When you’re at your lowest point in life, finding things to be grateful for can be difficult. You may think that since everything just feels like it’s falling apart, what is there to be grateful for, right? 

I was guilty of that mindset too. But I realized that the more you focus on the bad and the negative, the more you feel hopeless, defeated, and unmotivated. 

Remind yourself that there is always something to be grateful for. Gratitude is a state of mind. Find joy in the little things. Appreciate all the wonderful things, big and small, that are happening around you. 

Doing this every day will drastically improve your mood and boost your motivation to pick yourself back up. 

6. Allow Yourself To Take A Break

When you have so much on your plate, taking a break may be the last thing on your mind. 

But I want you to know this, taking a break is not a bad thing. Especially if you are already feeling so overwhelmed and stressed. Allowing yourself to take a break every now and then is actually a good thing. 

Not only does it help pick yourself back up and alleviate your stress but doing this will also help you recharge and come back more motivated and focused. 

It helps you take a step back, see things from a different perspective, and think clearly. It’ll help spark your creativity and motivation to keep going. 

7. Get Out Of The House

When you’re feeling low, you may want to just lock yourself inside and stay hidden from the rest of the world but doing this will only make you feel so much worse. It will only make you feel more hopeless and defeated. 

Sometimes just getting out of the house, taking a walk, or just sitting in the park can drastically boost your mood and help you pick yourself back up. 

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8. Work On Loving Yourself

Loving yourself, especially during difficult times is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It will not only help you get through tough times but it will also help you pick yourself back up. 

Ready to start loving yourself more? Take this 30 day self love challenge to help you get started on your self love journey. 

9. Take It One Step At A Time

Do you constantly feel like you have to tackle all your problems at once? You may think that the only way for you to turn your life around and pick yourself back up is to just do everything at once. 

But the thing is, keeping this kind of mindset will only lead to more stress and overwhelm. 

Remember that it’s okay to take small steps. Progress is not always measured by taking huge leaps. Often, it’s the small and consistent steps that count.

10. Spend Some Time With The People That You Love

Nothing like a good pick-me-up than spending time with the people that fills your heart with so much love and warmth.

Schedule some time with the people that you love the most. When you’re with them, try your best to stay present and just enjoy their company. 

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11. Learn To Forgive Yourself

To help pick yourself back up, you need to be able to forgive yourself. Remember that you as much as anybody else deserves forgiveness. 

Yes, take responsibility for those mistakes, apologize to those people to whom you caused pain too, and learn from them but also, give yourself some grace and forgive yourself. 

Remind yourself that for you to give way to healing and moving forward, you need to learn to forgive yourself and set yourself free.  

12. Do Something That You Enjoy

Sometimes, the fastest way to lift your spirits and help pick yourself back up is to do something that you enjoy. 

It could as simple as singing your heart out to upbeat tunes or picking up a good book. Whatever it is that fills your soul and makes you smile, do it. 

13. Allow Yourself To Feel

It’s easy for you to think that the best way to pick yourself back up is to just keep all your negative emotions bottled up and just focus on the things that you have to do to turn your life around. 

I was also guilty of believing this but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Running away from what you feel and refusing to feel them will not make you feel better. 

You may think that it’s helping but after some time, those feelings will catch up to you and it will only make you feel so much worse. 

The only way for you to heal and move forward is to sit with your emotions. So, cry, scream if you must. Remind yourself that feeling your emotions doesn’t make you weak. 

By doing this, you are actually opening yourself up to growth and finally set yourself free.

14. Believe In Yourself

When you’re already at the lowest point of your life, it’s easy to doubt what you’re capable of and to start believing that you don’t have what it takes to achieve your goals and pick yourself back up. 

In moments like this, it’s best to remind yourself of all the great things that you have accomplished. Celebrate all your wins, big and small.

Get a piece of paper and write down all the hard things that you overcame. Recognize how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown as a person. Remind yourself that you are capable of great things, just keep believing in yourself and keep going. 

15. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Most of the time, when you are going through hard times, you may want to conquer and fix everything on your own. You may think that asking for help is not an option. 

Here is what I’ve learned from being guilty of doing this for years: 

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It doesn’t diminish your strength in any way. It won’t make you a burden either, especially to the people who truly care for you. 

Try as we may, there will always be moments when we can’t do everything on our own. Sometimes, the pain is just too much or a problem is just too big, and you may need someone to help pick yourself back up. Remind yourself that there is definitely nothing with asking for help.

Start by talking to the people that you trust the most. 

Final Thoughts

We all go through different journeys and some of these strategies may not apply to you and that’s 100% okay. Pick the strategies that work best for you and the things that’ll help you pick yourself back up when you’re down and improve your life. 

Things may seem hard and dark right now, but this is just temporary. Know that things will get better, and you will be able to pick yourself up from the lowest point of your life and live the life you want. 

You got this. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and believe that you are strong enough to go through difficult times and rough seasons. I believe in you! 

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